Samba (2004)

A movie that is in my sooo bad its good list, a generic masala film of the early 2000’s.

its basically a story about a guy Samba (N.T. Rama Rao Jr.) who wants education to be the priority of his village and for that requires a quarry for stone for the school, and is hindered by the antagonist (Prakash Raj). thus he basically goes on a killing spree.

i don’t need to go into the details to diss this movie, it itself those that spectacularly, odd character dialogues, the female lead had the photo of the protagonist from the start even loved him yet didn’t realise him when he was in front of her, yup that checks out, the protagonist does a random 4th wall break moment to preach the viewers on education and an abrupt change in tone from action romance to comedy into the 3rd act

the coolest part of the film was a small scene where Samba takes the goons head and places it in front of the car tire and drives on……yes it’s morbid but till this point, I was laughing of all the silly dialogues and sequences of fights and the story. when this came on I had to stop and replay just to be sure of what happened and thus for making me replay a scene in this film I award it my 2nd favourite scene of the film. now you might ask whats my favourite

in the climax of the film samba has to fight off the goons and Pasupathi (the main villain Prakash Raj) while his nephew is hung on a tree branch with a firecracker style bomb with the string on fire it matters of moments before the bomb explodes what is Samba to do to save his family, well obviously ask the boy to Pee on the string to extinguish it and Voile the film ends with the final punch and boy save. After all the fights, Tone shifts, Cringy dialogues the film went through it was the perfect summation that it ended this way……Peeing saves the day.

honestly, I had given up on this movie and thought to stop watching first 20 min of the movie and thought to go see IMDb just in case this is an old-time good movie that might just get better down the line, and surprise it wasn’t this just strengthen my argument to stop. then you ask why I completed the movie well its all thanks to the review this movie has on IMDb. which gave the movie 10 stars and called it

Best concept and best purification values by Kodali Nani anna

 khaleeluddin (IMDb reviewer)

85 movies down………..415 to go.

see you soon

veedkolu (telugu goodbye)

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