Anand (1971)


we all suffer adversities but what truly separates the great people from the herd is the simple fact how it is handled, do we cower, face it head on, simply avoid or ignore for these great individuals show us ways to deal that we the normies dont think of at first which we think is impossible hard to do, yet their presence and stories live on to show their peers and the future generation how to truly go about it.

my favourite quote – life should be big not long…

being nearly a 50 year old well acclaimed film, i was obviously aware of the premise and story of the film even before i sat down to watch it, generally that doesn’t generate confidence in me for liking the film, yet Anand manages that for a very simple reason. it makes you love the character.

it is a testament to Rajesh Khanna to have portrayed a character that just makes us fell in love with his antic his character his innate charm. even when you know what the film is so blatantly trying to do. you can not look away or control your feeling to be similar to him have the same mentality to the hurdles of our life.

the film is a story of the titular character Anand who is suffering from a rare cancer and has few months to live, yet knowing this he demeanour that exudes happiness and excitement to the life, captivates and attracts the people he encounters. Such one encounter is with a doctor Bhaskar and the friendship that develops and how Anand influences the lives of those he meets in the few months of his remaining years.

my favourite scene of the film was when Anand after so many tries finally meets a unique personality like him, Anand always tries to mingle with random people by acting as a distant friend and referring to them as Murarilal even though he has never once meet the person before as an ice breaker. one day he sees a gentlemen walking down the street he bumps into him and uses his usual dialogue only for the person to play along with his dialogues, this out of nowhere friendship evolves in to true emotional bond between the two, showing us viewers the same charm that we as adults have forgotten, how easy it is to make friends something we as child always took for granted.

the film has a heart that is transparent to everyone that watches it and speaks to its viewers so clearly that it would be hard to say it didn’t impart or invoke any emotion within you upon experiencing it.

Anand will forever will the film that charmed into liking it, charmed me into loving it.

87 movies down…………..413 to go

see you soon

Allvida Babu Moshai

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (2019)


yes, boy yes i like me some Keanu Reeves, now granted i am late to the party but i am here lets talk about the “Baba Yaga” which i recently got to know and if you dont know check out the link, the movie translates it as Russian for boogeyman, but in actuality it is a term for the Slavic folklore supernatural being who appears as a deformed or ferocious-looking old woman.

now i am not saying an old supernatural old women is not scary, believe me i wet my pants whenever one jumps scare the shit out in all the horror movies, but its funny to me how they missed this detail in the movie. or maybe it was intentional.

well all that aside. how was the film… fun and fantastic. Its not my favourite of the series 1st one was perfectly satisfactory i my mind, but they have done a really good job taking the story from there. i say this because generally film that were never meant to have a sequel gets made a sequel they tend to make a mess of the story and the world they created. yes their are exceptions best would be dark knight. but generally look at fast and furious series and tell me how they hold up in sense of continuity now i ant saying everything needs to be connected and interconnected (not every thing is marvel you know) but my point how hard it is to do so.

and this series has played by its own set rules so i say good job. Now the hyped reason i have for liking this film this one has most of my favourite action sequences from the whole series. for this film takes of from the directly from the last film where we see John on run for his life from the whole organisation. now you can understand why i as hype for it before i released because it was obvious that this would result in relentless action set and i wasn’t wrong. so i am thinking rather than talk about the film which is goood and if not seen go see. i will talk about the set i loved.

lets keep it to 3 so that its not a guss-fest, boy i could

3.the fan boy assassin fight – this sequence is greatly choreographed and extremely fun but what made me have fun about it was that it showed a new light professional killer guys that really admired wick and getting chance to trade blows or kill him fills them with excitement.

fan boy time

2. here i am cheating and adding two separate sequences because they themselves never felt too long but their execution had me up my seat and ecstatic as a fanboy can be. the Book kill and Horse Kills, man after the famous pencil kills i was always think what next household item is my man wick choice to kill and the director doesn’t disappoint choosing book of all things and man is that fight fun. Now the horse kill i specifically talking about the one where he makes the horse kill back and nearly decapitate the henchmen, seriously i re-winded that scene number of time while viewing because it hilarious and dope at the same time.

best way to shut up people in a library
the right way to use a horse

1.the best scene hands down for me is the weapon museum scene, man i dont have words to describe its just such a great scene. it all seems so obvious to do hired killers facing each other they need weapons ok let them fight in the weapon museum. and what follows is action gold in my eyez.

boy that sure was close

well i gussed enough…………..i guess

78 movies down…………422 to go

see you soon


Rocky (1976)


wwhat mesmerises the most about this film is that when i watched it and later read about it being made, the fact that this was written by Sylvester Stallone, it was his breakout film, it was the film that won best picture in Academy Awards, got him nominations and many more……you could say in the truest sense of the word that this film was his child, and such is it feels like the whole movie from the way he acts and how the movie feels.

i had heard about rocky well who probably hasn’t before i sat down to watch, i knew it was about boxing, it had Stallone he was in Rambo so my initial expectations are probably guessable to you. so imagine my confusion when there was no explosions and high octane action in the story, but a somber laid back feel to the movie, the film doesn’t feel like a sport movie or atleast like one i imagined but it was more of a character driven tale of a small time boxer  Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) and his once in a lifetime chance to win the heavyweight belt.

though the premise of the movie is what you would expect from a sport movie, but the way they limit the action the match to the very end and make the story more about the characters their situation their relationships, it makes us as viewers connect with the characters, i guess this in one of the main reasons why this series existed for so long as to all those who watched had connected to Rocky and were invested in his story that spanned 40 years.

this was also among the movies were the characters seem natural at ease, as if its a true life story they are sharing to us. it helps massively sell the story. to those who arent aware of the story already, the current world champion Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers)(important name is worth remembering for future context in series) chooses Rocky for a fight as a last minute replacement, as initial challenger withdraws. sensing a huge chance of his lifetime Rocky trains (though this movie that popularised training montages in films does it for only a short time and also towards the end only, but still its an epic montage) all along rather than this fight the main story seems to be that of the relationship being built between rocky and his love interest Adrian Pennino (Talia Shire). in the fight itself Apollo never expected much from rocky and thus was overconfidence which comes to bite him in the ass, as rocky knocks him down leading him to take this fight seriously, going for the full 15 rounds and ending in decision with both of the participants broken and drained promising to each other there will be no rematch (yah right!!!!). the decision goes for Apollo even though the audience seem spilt but rocky doesn’t care for the outcome as he expresses his love to Adrian to end the story.

but not the saga.

well i also thought i will rank the movies in this series (obviously its subjective)

since only one watched yet, Rocky I takes the top spot.

70 movies down………………430 to go.

see you soon


The Rocky Saga


when think of iconic movie series a lot of the great come to mind instantaneously like Star wars, LOTR, the Dark knight……but i had watched all of them, even still there was one that i never watched yet i knew about it it gets reference and parodied even imitated to an extent that its most definitely a iconic movie the Rocky series.

spanning 40+ yrs having 6 films and 2 spin off, i thought i know the gist of the movie but i haven’t watched them not in order not with interest so why not use that excess pandemic time on my hand to this semi grand journey, a mini task inside the mammoth task. and talk about my views on this famous series. (which i know i am 40+ yrs late to)

False awakening


I have never been much of a dreamer, yet every blue moon i seem to get some real wired one to experience that just makes be dazed and bonkers when i wake up.

this is such an incident 2 days back it was a busy day and after having my family tradition before sleep black coffee i was tucked in the bed ready to depart to the sleepy lands, little was i aware this was gonna be like nothing i ever experienced.

as i was laying down on my bed like any Sunday morning i heard a sudden opening of the front door and a familiar sound of my brother was heard. it seemed he had returned home from his hostel during this pandemic time and i could clearly hear the chatter between him and my parents as i lay and kept hearing this i felt sleepy and slept facing my back towards the door. suddenly there was a shift in weight on the bed i could feel someone else on the bed along with me now. before i guessed who it was the same familiar sound of my brother came but it wasn’t a language i understood. thinking i can get a better hear if i just turn and face him i turn……and i wake up

i was still in the same position i was in as i fell asleep yesterday after having the black coffee, with my back towards the door with the drying rack in front…….i come upon the conclusion that i was just in a dream, with a smirk on my face i think what a odd dream to have…..just then the cold sweat on my back……brings me back to the realisation there was someone on the bed with me. i was sure i slept alone yesterday noway it was someone in the house, eliminating my parents and grandma from the list i was thinking if it all is just a feeling perhaps…….and then i hear it the language i that i heard in my dream but this time its not the familiar sound it is nothing remotely close in fact it was terrifying enough to froze me. i was scared afraid for whatever it was even if a prank i just couldn’t move. it took me all my courage i could muster and literally read ,my self for the worst i turned around and came face with……………

the cloth drying rack, i was still in the same position as i slept yesterday my back towards the door. but my mind was no longer the same i was confused before i even calmed myself my body jumped held the rack and just crouched down, frantically searching the room for anything or anyone that was the source of the voice but all i saw was the room just like it was before i slept nothing out of place. i rushed to my phone after i calmed myself and reassured myself that i was the only inhabitant of the room. looking at the time 3 30 am, it hadn’t not been even a hour since i slept yet as my senses came back to me i realised i was in my first dream within a dream experience and a damn terrifying one at that.

even as i understood what had happened and slept back into the bed, it took me a while to fall asleep for the fear of hearing the sound again was still fresh in my mind, i might have stared endlessly at the ceiling fan to drowse myself to sleep, i dont know when it happened i fell asleep but what i know this time by back was not towards the door.


The Mammoth Task 2.0

375 days back I had a crazy idea, i had embarked on a task, a Mammoth task to cover 500 movies in one year, a audacious task, a ludicrous task………………………………………………………………………..and after 375 days after 61 movies, i have come in front of you readers to regretfully let you know i have failed.

but i am not here to make excuses i am not here to give up, this mammoth will be tamed by me even if i have failed the time limit…..i will finish the remaining 438 movies (yes i published one move movie before this one).

A year back i had not written a single post, now i have written 62, so why retreat

see you soon


Mikhael (2019)


a while back i sat down with my dinner to watch a movie, it had the cast that showed promise, it had the genre i like, but it lacked the execution i wanted.

but oh boy oh boy…………the movie is so bland its so hard to put it in words, but i will try to do some justice to it (i guess).

movie starts with some promise with its intense scene and atmosphere you think you are in a treat for a thriller action movie with a revenge plot as its basis. As we are shown the antagonist gang members controlling the city being killed by an unknown assailant. I swallowed my first bite by this point. after about 30 mins the title is shown, to me the last good mins of the movie for as the title sequence which was a animated sequence started i had premonition movie is gonna suck.

from here on we are introduced to the main protagonist who was revealed to be the mystery assailant Dr. Mikhael John (Nivin Pauly) a kind hearted man, a karate expert and unlucky romantic. then the back story of how he caused his dads death when he was a child by underage driving is shown this is the first bad scene in my eyes though its not a bad plot it goes nowhere and is shot so oddly that i honestly was laughing how it played out.

bad scene 2 – the catalyst to the whole story, is the suicide of a don’s (Siddique) son because of being humiliated by Mikhael’s sister (Navani Devanand). and the don wanting to act out revenge. again just like earlier scene this also feels so fake and inorganic. i had finished one roti and was wondering why i sat down for this.

i dont think i should go on continuing listing all bad scene for me that list would be too long for this movie is one bad scene after another. one thing i noticed after counting so many of odd scene is that the actors sometimes themselves realised how crappy this movie they are in is as the lifelessness seen in their eyes when the act the scene was becoming more and more evident.

there is this one scene i just have to mention it was so odd to me in its placement and way enacted that i had to pause my dinner and the movie and think for a few minutes why it was so, Marco Jr. (Unni Mukundan) the final bad guy of the movie even though he literally serves no function expect the final action fight, Is in serach of Mikhael and tracks down his house then goes in and takes a bath while waiting for him to arrive, and leaves after the bath as mikhael doesnt arrive. this is when i shut down my brain and concentrated on the food.

i finished my dinner, thanked the gods for the meal and cursed the existence of this movie and went to sleep.

now i am not saying this movie is a shipwreck, who am i kidding its a shipwreck on a train wreck during a traffic jam. did it make sense ,NO just like this movie. please don’t watch it

60 movies down……………….440 to go

see you soon

Pinne kaanam (malayali goodbye)

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)


i know i am late to the party, but hot damn i was blown away rating it 9/10 right of the bat, you don’t need to read what i am about to right because the movie is worth all the praise it gets for everyone.

the movie is a pure visual treat, the pop-ing colours and effects, ever moving and changing makes you just remain immersed in the medium. they way they handled the opening scene, no even before the production house logos gave a hint i am in for a wild ride, and what a ride it was. i cant state this enough but i enjoyed this movie way too much, this movie gives the feel of a movie made by geeks for geeks all the while appealing to everyone and that is the beauty of this film. i cant even begin to explain how great a choice it was to keep the comic book feel to the animations.

no matter how much live action marvel or DC movies get hype, in my opinion only animation is a medium that can truly present the comic booky feeling in its at most glory to a motion picture, just the way a the cartoonish proportion of Kingpin feels nature and comic like makes my day. these little things just add up from noir spiderman’s interest to Rubik’s cube to final end credit scene the movie knows what it is and owns it perfectly.

lets talk about voice acting, man oh man that amazing performance from everyone not for a second i ever feel distracted from them, gripped to my seat for the next line of joke or comment they make, it felt as the voice actors truly had fun voicing their characters and that brings the best in them. the ensemble cast of different spider-man from various universes just made the movie so much cool.

the best scene that had me laughing for me was the Stan lee scene where his line felt so genuine just what you expect a uplifting line to be like, After death of Parker, miles goes to buy a spider-man outfit when he asked the owner Stan lee if he could return the suit if it doesn’t fit him to which he replies – it always fits, ‘eventually’.

until you see the why he says that as the store behind him says no refund.

if this is the future for the superhero movie genre then sign me up.

50 movies down………..450 to go

see you soon


Logan (2017)


for 19 years there existed a character from comic book in real life portrayed to such an amazing extent that we cant even think of someone doing it other than him. ya i am talking about Hugh Jackman as the wolverine.

the story begins with us getting to see the old man Logan (Hugh Jackman) the worn out tired a husk of his former self, The wolverine in name only. fight of some random car tire Smugglers and still taking beating from them. this a a year far in future and the age of mutants is supposed to be long gone with no new ones being born since 25 years, there are only 3 known mutants left and 2 among them plan to kill themselves as living has become a hassle. these 2 mutants are Professor X (Patrick Stewart) and wolverine. it is during this time that they come across a new age mutant Lara (Dafne Keen) and decide to save her from people who want to capture her and make her into a weapon. only to realise there are more mutants like her, many kids who have been modified to become mutants. wolverine even though reluctant to help decides because of his good heart helps them anyway. All the while the organisation is after them to capture and terminate Wolverine.

the grittiness of this movie is its charm, it was a very good decision to make this movie a R rated one as to convey the intensity and raw emotions the movie needed to shed its much more kid friendly atmosphere that previous films had, not saying that it lacks such moments no, yet it capitalises of its bloody conflicts to convey the inner turmoil our protagonist suffers and why his decisions that he makes makes sense to us.

there is a sense of realism that Hugh has in this movie that could be that as the manner the movie ends and him having played this character in multiple movies in that past 17 years (till the time of the release of this movie). we see the effort he takes to play him again and it feels truly heart warming and tear inducing. i wont be lying if i say i weld up in the last scene of this movie as i knew and some corner of my heart this was coming though inevitable it still is a sad feel-full moment.

a movie i recommend thus for that fact it marks the sup-possible end of a 17 year old character being portrayed beautifully.

47 movies down……….453 to go.

see you soon.


Theevandi (2018)


have you ever had a addiction, it doesn’t need to be anything bad, it could be as simple as a addiction to games, books, movies (ya i have this). then this movie could resonate with you. A Malayalam movie about a satirical representation of politics and addtiction to cigarettes.

Theevandi in Malayalam refers to Train engine of old that used to run on coal, and thus produces smoke and fire, therefore Thee = fire and Vandi = vehicle. this is the nickname of our protagonist Bineesh (Tovino Thomas) who is a smoker, a name he got because he got caught by police by mistake as a robber only because he snuck out of his house to smoke a cigg. when he and his girlfriend since childhood Devi (Samyuktha Menon) finally decided to marry she puts a condition to him that he should stop smoking. which he accepts early on but he could control his vice. So much so at on incident he forgot the engagement necklace so the brought it later but this time so that he doesn’t forget he kept it inside his cigarette packet, this was the last straw for and her family who ask for the engagement to be broken and that he shouldn’t even think of coming back until he stops smoking. this leads to him taking on the challenge only after he himself realises his own inability to stop, his friends and colleagues help him as a bet is place on the next seat of the constituency in the next election to brother in law if he stops smoking till then, and the one to stand in his way is his girlfriends father Madhu (Suraaj Venjarammoodu)

the movie is a good representation of addiction, the fact that we see our characters demise and indulgence because of that on vice is nicely portrayed, we see him in his highs and lows of addiction and can relate to the emotions whether or not you are a fellow smoker that feeling of inability to let go of your weakness is a natural trait we humans bare, and it takes a huge awaking for us to allows that to happen.

there is this one scene i really admired is that after the ultimatum is given to Bineesh by Devi about his smoking that he is sitting in his room on a desk trying to light a cigarette and being unable to do so because of is love for her and throwing the cigarette out of the window only to feel the vice kick in and he frantically searches for used buds in ash tray to get any one that is even bit left and lights it and takes a deep puff, the audience and he himself realises his own condition has passed no return and with every puff he takes the look of guilt falls on him.

a movie i would recommend just of its simple concept and laughs rating of 6/10

41 movies down………….459 to go

see you soon

Pinne kaanam (malayali goodbye)

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018)


boy oh boy, an American western anthology film which just gets better and better. man what a ride.

there are 6 stories in this movies each of them is a Gem, just a while back i had scene a Malayalam Anthology movie, but in that i could decide on my favourite but here its so tough all had there own charm so much so that i could for the life in chose one thus i say all are the winners, and i am not even saying this to oversell the stories they are just that good.

Story 1 – “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” showcases the adventure of a fast shooting sweet singing Cowboy outlaw Buster Scruggs (Tim Blake Nelson).

Story 2 – “Near Algodones” tells the story of a robber (James Franco) and his luck with a Noose.

Story 3 – “Meal Ticket” and limbless artist (Harry Melling) and his caretaker (Liam Neeson) who go around towns to earn money for their meals.

Story 4 – “All Gold Canyon” an old man (Tom Waits) trying to find gold in a deep valleys that never had seen a human before.

Story 5 – “The Gal Who Got Rattled” story of a Gal (Zoe Kazan) going on the Oregon trail to find a better life there while finding someone better on the trail a life partner (Bill Heck).

Story 6 – “The Mortal Remains” 3 suspicious passengers (Chelcie Ross, Tyne Daly, Saul Rubinek)and 2 bounty hunters (Brendan Gleeson, Jonjo O’Neill) in a never stopping horse carriage.

i haven’t gone into the detail for the sake of the viewer enjoying it as less spoiled as possible.

just the way the stories are put forth and climaxed makes its so fascinating making us want to know more, all the stories start with a drawn sketch of a scene from within the story and with a line below it that makes us curious how it plays into the story, and as the story ends it shows us a last page of the story book that contents these stories, leaving us with only our imagination to fill the future events.

each and every one of the actors give a incredible performance, having the charm that is so necessary to captivate the audience to them in such a movie that lacks much screen time for its actors compared to the usual movies. mostly the performance of
Tim Blake Nelson, Tom Waits, Harry Melling were really something. and so many good supporting roles are there that cant mention them all.

to all meme fans out the ever wonder where this meme came from… have the ans now.

First Time……

so do i recommend it, most definitely no doubt it s tag must watch by me and rate of 8/10.

37 movies down……….463 movies to go

see you soon


Solo (2017)


First off all NOT the Starwars film, but a Malayalam 2017 film, which is an anthology film Consisting of 4 separate stories that focus on the natural elements….Water, Air, Fire and Earth.

the first story revolves around theme water, protagonist shekar (Dulquer Salmaan) who is a stutter falls in love with a blind Dancer Radhika (Dhansika) and the troubles they face because of it. life is like a river and we are just humble travellers on it, no matter how the tides change we have to be strong and endure for our loved ones.

the Second story revolves around the theme of Air, protagonist Trilok (Dulquer Salmaan) saves a man who caused the death of his wife 4 years prior in a road accident. the story follows just like a cool breeze suddenly turning into a hurricane.

the Third Story revolves around the theme of fire, the Protagonist Shiva (Dulquer Salmaan) a gangster sets out on revenge for the death of his fathers death by an unknown assailant. The movie showcases just like the uncontrollable nature of the deadly fire or anger burning and destroying everything in its path.

The Fourth story revolves arounf theme Earth, the Protagonist Rudra (Dulquer Salmaan) who is a army officer falls in love with Daughter of a brigadier (Neha Sharma) who love each other deeply until one day She suddenly runs away and leaves him. Just a earth shaking reveal is left of the audience.

if you noticed the star in all the stories is Dulquer as he is doing a quadruple role in this film. and he delivers this is amongst his best performances i would say. the actresses that play a key role in all the other stories also did a great job.

the 4 protagonists name are the alternative names of the lord Shiva (A Hindu Deity), and each story follows its themes and showcases it with its relative element again and again in its scenes. like how the significance of beaches(water) was to Radhika, how much anger(fire) Shiva was in always, how turbulent/calm (air) Trilok was or how a Rudra or any army soldiers train in earth and terrains. the movie also has a colour pallet for the respective stories that expresses it with a special color tone. In Shekhar – Blue (Water) In Trilok – White (Air) In Shiva – Red (Fire) In Rudra – Green(Earth)

among the movies Shiva’s Fire was my favourite, with air and water coming close but the earth story is just a bit empty for me as it just doesn’t have the same closure to it, especially it being the climax, and it was a complain that was felt by most who watched it. nonetheless all are good stories on the own right but i really felt fire had a scope to be a feature length in itself. the best thing in this movie is the art work that introduces the new story and its corresponding theme in various forms of lord Shiva with the elements, they were just so stunning to look at.

this is not a movie for everyone as someone looking for a masala film this one wouldn’t work out. i thoroughly enjoyed this movie sure it has its problems but i will look past them, as i say if you like it then what else matters, i would rate this movie a 7/10 and a tag of good watch.

31 movies down……..469 to go.

see you soon.

Pinne kaanam (malayali goodbye)

Shabdo (2012)


‘Shabdo’ is the word in Bengali language for the word sound, which is apt for this movie as it deals primarily with Sounds and its effect for people who deal with it.

Sound is all around us, some which alert us like an alarm clock some which we just ignore nor never pay attention too like a rotating of the fan on the ceiling. humans are very selective about the sounds we give attention to. some are ignore instinctively while some deliberately.

the Movie follows the life of a Foley Artist, Tarak Dutta (Ritwick Chakraborty) who has become obsessed with sounds as his profession is so closely related to it. for those who don’t know what Foley is, in movies lot of noises you hear are not captured when the film itself is being shot, thus someone has to add these sounds into the film once the film is shot. this people are called Foley artist, for eg. sounds like someone walking or falling down are not necessarily captured while shooting so these sounds get recreated in a studio so that us audience get a better audio for such actions. the movie follows Tarak’s growing obsession to sounds and him getting distracted to various sounds around him even when people are talking to him. this causes his wife (Raima Sen) to consult a Doctor (Churni Ganguly) for him, who tries her hardest to relay the gravity of the situation to Tarak, he stays in denial. this only worsen his as time progresses his mind is tuning out human noises and concentrating more on the generally ignored ones. at one point unable to cope with the sounds Tarak even attempts suicide, luckily gets saved. this makes him come to a realisation that he is unwell and in put into rehabilitation, where he is made to hear recorded human sounds to bring him back to reality.

the movie is a masterpiece, touching onto a subject so closely related to the movie industry and portraying the life of such artists. The way the movie is Directed is values every little sounds made to allow the audience to understand and connect to the protagonist on how he views the sound and how he tunes human voices out. Ritwick Chakraborty does such a fantastic job of portraying the character obsessed with sounds that at points even us try to understand his views on sounds and its intoxicating effects. thus it wasn’t surprising to know this film won the 60th National Film Awards for Best Feature Film in Bengali.

my favourite or most interesting scene was, at one point tarak notices a difference in sounds made by cup when its kept on a table when full, and empty. he then tell this information to his colleague who checks it out by himself and gets fascinated, later in movie we get to see his fascination to sounds evolving into something kinda like obsession as we see him staring into a washing machine that is working and being immersed in its sound while his phone keeps ringing. we get to see that this condition isnt something only Tarak can have but something that can effect anybody and that part of the movie is what is fascinating to me.

i would recommend this movie surely but its not a movie that will sit well to everyone but even then i would say give it a watch who know it might fascinate you too. a tag of masterpiece and rating of 8/10.

29 movies down…….471 to go.

see you soon

Bidāẏa (Bengali for goodbye)

Infinitely Polar Bear (2014)


there are over millions of people around the world that suffer from different forms of mental illness. these illnesses don’t only effect the person themselves but also those around them especially their family. but a strong family not only endures it but also helps the individual to get better and be better that is what a family is.

this is a story about a manic-depressive Father Cam Stuart (Mark Ruffalo) of two daughters. Who after a psychotic break, which has caused him to be fired from his job this erratic breakdown made his wife Maggie Stuart (Zoe Saldana) and partly himself to decide to get hospitalised. during this time Maggie was having hard time to make ends meet due to her having difficulty getting good job that would allow her kids to study in a good school. Finally she decided to take a course in business school to be able to get a better job but who would take care of the kids. here is where Cam comes in, he is given the task to look after the kids, though its not the best choice it was the only one at the time and Cam accepts the challenge. The family holds up strong at first but then Cam’s conditions once in a while comes out and causes some issues but the Girls know their father and stick with him so does Cam for his girls. Over time we get to see even though his Conditions cause problems along the way it was also one of his strengths.

The Girls Imogene Wolodarsky and Ashley Aufderheide did a good job as their characters helping the movie keeps its lighthearted tone with their kiddish charm. Mark Ruffalo is a very good actor, but its not only that he acts out this character nicely its that he seems to be having fun doing so that adds another layer to the personality of Cam, making his behaviours and breakdown seem genuine and tangible.

Cam and Maggie.

seeing the adventure the family goes though when Cam takes care of his daughters is a fun watch. a movie i would recommend to anyone who is a fan of drama comedy genre. a tag of fun watch and rating of 6/10.

26 movies down………474 to go.

see you soon.


Uri : The Surgical Strike (2019)


The India Pakistan Fight is as old as the origin of the countries themselves, they both have fought against themselves multiple times and minor skirmishes are near common place but a new terror as crept up in to his conflict, one that both would not like to harbour. Terrorism people who for their ideology are ready to bleed the innocent.

Such was one incident that pushed India over its limit and this passive nation that before let itself get hit repeatedly decided it high time that we show that we can and will retaliate if need be and can go it just as good as them.

this incident was the Uri attack. in which 4 militants entered the army camp and killed nearly 17 soldiers in their sleep. this lead to a national uproar for some action just like usual it seemed government was quiet. unaware India was ready and eager to strike back this time for it had endured enough now its their moment to show the militant groups. unaware to the general public Indian army laughed surgical strikes on the militant laugh pads i.e. headquarters across the LoC (line of control that divides India and Pakistan). This movies is a dramatised rendition of this retaliation.

the movie is divided into 5 Chapters each parts showcasing the incidents that lead to the strikes.

Chapter 1 – The Seven Sisters, shows us to the characters and their abilities during a strike on a militant group in the northeastern states of India. after a army convoy was targeted by these militants.

Chapter 2 – An Unsettling Peace, shows us the inner turmoil all the soldiers face once they are removed from their post and sent back to their homes. Like our protagonist
Major Vihan Singh Shergill (Vicky Kaushal), who asked to get transferred as to take care of his mother who suffers from Alzheimer. Also the Surveillance by Indian intelligence on the soldiers to prevent any retaliation from the northeaster militant groups.

Chapter 3 – Bleed India with a Thousand Cuts, shows us the Uri attack that was done by the 4 militants and the aftermath the families had to endure due to such an attack.

Chapter 4 – Naya Hindustan (New India), shows us like the title the new India that is not gonna sit still, now its getting ready to strike back using new innovations and force if need be.

Chapter 5 – The Surgical Strike, this is the climax the final showdown the moment when all the information gathering and preparations come full circle. the moment When India goes ahead on the mission to hit the militant laugh pad fast and hard.

the movie is a military action Bollywood film that is brilliantly told. To a Indian Audience this film will hold a special significance as it brings forth a hope of a new India that is ready for change ready to show the world what it means to

Actors Paresh Rawal and Yami Gautam portrayed their roles very nicely but the star
Vicky Kaushal stole the show with his charisma he has in this film. whenever he was riling up his soldiers you could fell your blood getting in the action too. His emotions feels so raw that you cant help getting swayed by them.

Vicky Kaushal in his uniform.

a movie i recommend to all especially who like military movies but that is not the only group that need to watch this. a tag of must watch and rating of 8/10.

25 movies down…….475 to go.

see you soon


Bumblebee (2018)


Every-time i hear the word transformers i get transported to the innocent childhood of mine when all i used to do after come home after a long school was the cartoons and animations airing on T.V.. among which transformers always stood in a special place as it is one of my oldest and strongest childhood memories i associate with.

As such i was one of the first in line to the transformer live action movie when it first came out and seeing the characters in animations and in our world and interacting was such a amazing experience. now as the years went by and i grew up i felt the charm the series initially had was being lost with each new instalment, and at this point it just became evident squeals are being made only for the money it would generate back.

thus when the trailer and news about the new spin off movie titled Bumblebee when on my ears, i wasn’t as ecstatic as i once would have been few years ago, and so the existence of this movie just faded away. until today when i got my hands on the film and one of my friends said it isn’t as bad as i think that i decided to give it a shot, and i pleasantly surprised that i end up enjoying it.

the story follows the early part of the journey of bumblebee on earth, when he was sent to earth by Optimus prime to form a base and how he befriends a girl (Hailee Steinfeld) who helps fix his voice that was destroyed in an early encounter with decepticons. this story has emotional beats, comedy, a hint of romance and action definitely action.

now i really need to mention this, it ant anything major but i loved the bumblebee’s design in this movie. it just has the right feel and tone for this movie. his mannerism and actions were really fun to watch. the fact that he was out sized by nearly every other bot we meet gave him a underdog feel and increased the fight tension.

one advantage this movie has over others in its franchise is that the run time of this movie is about 40 min less than the other movies and that plays a critical role in not making this movie drag on for too long, thus keeping everything much simpler and to point.

a movie i would really recommend if you like me loved this franchise but had started to lose interest with the way the series has been going, and want a lighthearted much simpler take on the concept this movie is for you.

8 movies down………..492 to go

see you soon


Aquaman (2018)


I really don’t know where to start……

I have been a DC fanboy since I was well a boy, I grew up on the tv shows comics and stories of these heroes and getting a chance to watch them come to life was like a dream come true but nope of the live action movies seem to let me have that dream turn to reality.

the story of Aquaman is a very generic hero story where the main character Author curry (Jason Momoa) is the son of an Atlantian queen and a human. who has to come face to face with his destiny to be the king of Atlantis, for which he has to find the scared trident. but believe me, even this simple storyline gets messed up in this movie at no point did the story allow me to get attached to the characters or their decisions it’s just felt as if that it and I have to take it so. I know it’s just a superhero movie no need to take it so seriously but no matter the number of chances given to the DC it just never seems to get it right.

now I do need to give the movie credit where it is due, the director
James Wan did a great job in this movie, the actions sequences, camera movement and transitions were one of the most fun things about the movie. my favourite scene from this movie is the time black manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) fights against Aquaman and Mera (Amber Heard) fights against the henchmen.

honestly, this movie could have done so much better if the script was better or at least focused on one main antagonist rather than having multiple villains of Aquaman in the movie to hype the movie up.

6 movies down……..494 to go

see you soon


The Sound of Music (1965)


now I need to get this out of my chest I have never been a fan of musicals, I don’t have anything per se against them but I just don’t particularly like this genre. that being said the song My Favorite Things is one of the songs I really enjoy.

the story revolves around a woman a free-spirited song loving lass (Julie Andrews), who is trying to become a nun in an Austrian convent, but due to her hard to control behaviour she is asked to act as a governess to the seven children of a Naval officer widower. her pleasant demeanour and jolly attitude charmed the children who had a habit of scaring away the previous governesses. seeing the happy children their father (Christopher Plummer) has a change of heart about the governess who he wasn’t so fond of and finally, him falling in love with her.

in very blurred hindsight, I would call this film so similar to the masala movies of Indian cinema as this movies also has songs, dance, comedy, romance, drama, suspense, and villains in form of Nazi. now don’t get me wrong comparing them like that isn’t any regards trying to say little about this film as its one of the great films of the medium. they were just my humble observations.

now the film is based on real life as the last part of the film show the escape of the family from the Nazi occupation f Austria. which was the only time this movie took me off guard as I wasn’t expecting a development in a movie which I guessed as only being a simple musical.

I did enjoy the movie and would recommend it, mainly as its a classic of the film industry but I am not sure if it would be to everyone’s liking.

5th movie………495 to go

see you soon

Auf Wiedersehen

Sarkar (2018)


to those who are no well versed in Hindi,
The term “Sarkar” (pronounced “sur-kaar”) is a title, used in Hindi, to address someone of authority. It is also the Hindi word for government.

Sarkar (2018) is a Tamil movie (Kollywood), which has a story revolving around successful businessman (Joseph Vijay) coming back to India to cast his vote in the election only to realise his vote has been illegally cast by someone else. seeing the corruption of his homeland he embarks on a quest to get rid of this party that has been causing the problems, and form a Sarkar truly of the people, by the people, for the people.

now like most Tamil movies this one also is a masala movie at its core with songs, dance, action, drama, romance all in one package that the industry always sends out. but at its core, it tries to send a message especially to the concept of democracy that all vote matter, as one of my fav quotes from this movie summarises.

elected politisian hold power for 5 years, but the individuals voting only hold it for that one day.

Sundar Ramasamy (Joseph Vijay)

waking up in the morning on a holiday and watching my guilty pleasure, the masala movies is one of the joys of life. and would rate this movie at 6/10 and recommend it to all the masala movie lovers.

this was my 4th movie……496 to go.

see you soon

अलविदा (alavida)



one fine Saturday late night or Sunday early morning, whichever you would refer 4 a.m. as I found myself at a random youtube video I never remember opening the tab for. there I saw the various unknown facts about the KKK ( Ku Klux Klan ) and among them, the one that popped up to me the most was the one about a Black Cop going undercover in a KKK (mind you like the movie poster says its a crazy outrageously incredible true story).

the movie BlacKkKlansman (2018) is the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay of this year. though I haven’t seen the other nominees, that being said the movie sure did a good job to be deserving the award. like mentioned above the story is about a rookie black cop (John David Washington) who infiltrates into the KKK by talking to them on phone and using another cop (obviously a white cop)(Adam Driver) to impersonate him when he had to attend the meetings, and the drama that ensues.

the movie was a fun ride, but not list topper in my opinion. there weren’t many scenes that stuck out to me in this film and to some part, the ending of the film felt a bit out of place as the transition between felt a bit off not that is an issue. that all being said the film tries to compare and connect the time the film is based to the current scenario in the USA with regards to issues like KKK and racism

if I had to rate it I would give it a 6/10, not for everyone but if the plot intrigued you check this movie out.

that’s 3 movies …..497 to go.

see you soon.


The Green Book


Finally, I have embarked on this mammoth task head first, so might as well start with something grand and what would be grander than the Oscar best picture winner to start with. The Green Book …. 1st movie.

I woke up early in the morning and got myself armed with a plate of Vadi and a cup of tea too sweet for my taste buds and got cosy to start watching this movie. A story which I was eager to watch since the time I had watched its trailer last year. its a story about a street smart Italian-American who gets a job to drive a talented black pianist for his tour in the southern states of USA (which are known for their hate for the black community).

now I did genuinely like this movie it has a simple premise, is based on true story and has a budding friendship in its plot, exactly the type of story I enjoy on a cosy Saturday like today. the portrayal of the actors in the movie was very good. well that all the critiquing for now.

the best scene for me in this movie, hands down the Kentucky fried chicken scene, that was the scene that hooked me in the trailer and it didn’t disappoint in the movie too. The way they enjoyed the chicken and how throwing the bones out was fun to them and when Tony (the driver) thrown the cold drink cup out of the window in the moment, how Don (the pianist) makes him stop the car turn back and pick it up.

if u haven’t seen the movie yet I would recommend it to you, it’s a light movie that is an easy and fun watch.
this was definitely a good choice for the 1st movie, and with 499 left to go, I should better get moving.

see you soon



The Mammoth Task

So I have had a crazy idea one fine day, why not watch 500 movies in a year with a minimum a movie a day and just to make this task even more ambitious than it already is as I will be writing a review of sorts on them. I know what craziness.

I have never written a blog before this so, this article is the 1st one (and hopefully not the last one). so keeping it short. good luck to me for the 500 reviews that are gonna be coming this way in the next 365 days, and other silly content, just to amuse you and me.

See you soon.


Coraline (2009)

stop-motion animation style had always been the filming techniques I felt detached to thus I never truly sat down to watch any film that had this method or if I had in past don’t remember. and As I grew up I realised how much an ignorant brat I was. the oddness I felt was the true charm something that C.G. cant imitate and hand-drawn come close yet fall short. the fact that we can feel that their characters and their motion were done meticulously in every frame and yet immerse our-self to the motions is what truly accentuates this technique, giving us a rare glimpse when the audience can understand the effort it might have taken to execute a scene.

one day as I sat and looked through top animated film list my eyes fell on Coraline, I never watched this film but had noticed its presence in a lot of list and discussion I tend to surf through. thus thought why not tackle this and see how its fare and can it ignite my interest for stop motion.

well it did and what’s more the film was dope.

the hits of the film for me had been the eccentric characters and how they were animated added to this the fact stop motion has an inherent oddity to it that gets brought out so effectively to induce a sense of unease that works wonders to the theme and story. seeing how the film is a dark fantasy horror it suits, and imagining it in other mediums would not have expressed that surreal yet uneven aspect this effectively.

as the film ended and I closed my laptop I, went to thoughts about this film and the stop motion genre as a whole, had this movie made me a believer had its preaching touched my soul. Nah nothing that major its a good film and the techniques has its definite merit, all I need to know is I enjoyed thus I am now eager to see more of this stop-motion.

88 movies down…………412 to go

see you soon


Sarkar (2005)

the film is about a Parallel government being run by the don or Sarkar (Amitabh Bachchan) of the place and turmoil that occurs when his views gets contested by his sons, leading to youngest of the sons (Abhishek Bachchan) to take up the role in his fathers place to safeguard them all.

if it sounds similar it is this film is based on the Godfather, yet its not a short for short its utilised the theme to mold it into a indigenised form, Imagine the Godfather being made in India, and incoporating the indian astetic and style to the story beats and the result would be Sarkar (Hindi for government).

the biggest pluses of this film is the cast and story line, for all intense and purposes i will never have any complains with Amitabh Bachchan and his acting, to me the surprise hit was his own son’s emergence Abhishek Bachchan his portrayal of an newbie into the business and getting hardened due to the experiences he suffers was effectively portrayed. this would be among the handful of film i actually like his acting. the plus of the story line is to incorporate a mafia story set in america into a Indian setting near seamlessly as well as introduce a political aspect to the setting which grounds the film as anything in India is Political.

the film does suffer a bit with pacing as there is a minute tangible drag in between the story beats, also being based on the famous Godfather film acts as a boon and a curse as the film progression can be guessed to a certain degree atleast it was for me.

though this film was a big hyped up watch for me, it might be this same hype that hindered my enjoyment of the film. by no means is it a bad film yet it feel eerily similar in its theme nearly reaching the same pedestal as its inspiration alas falling short. to me this film will always be that great film that misses the list.

86 movies down…………414 to go

see you soon


Samba (2004)

A movie that is in my sooo bad its good list, a generic masala film of the early 2000’s.

its basically a story about a guy Samba (N.T. Rama Rao Jr.) who wants education to be the priority of his village and for that requires a quarry for stone for the school, and is hindered by the antagonist (Prakash Raj). thus he basically goes on a killing spree.

i don’t need to go into the details to diss this movie, it itself those that spectacularly, odd character dialogues, the female lead had the photo of the protagonist from the start even loved him yet didn’t realise him when he was in front of her, yup that checks out, the protagonist does a random 4th wall break moment to preach the viewers on education and an abrupt change in tone from action romance to comedy into the 3rd act

the coolest part of the film was a small scene where Samba takes the goons head and places it in front of the car tire and drives on……yes it’s morbid but till this point, I was laughing of all the silly dialogues and sequences of fights and the story. when this came on I had to stop and replay just to be sure of what happened and thus for making me replay a scene in this film I award it my 2nd favourite scene of the film. now you might ask whats my favourite

in the climax of the film samba has to fight off the goons and Pasupathi (the main villain Prakash Raj) while his nephew is hung on a tree branch with a firecracker style bomb with the string on fire it matters of moments before the bomb explodes what is Samba to do to save his family, well obviously ask the boy to Pee on the string to extinguish it and Voile the film ends with the final punch and boy save. After all the fights, Tone shifts, Cringy dialogues the film went through it was the perfect summation that it ended this way……Peeing saves the day.

honestly, I had given up on this movie and thought to stop watching first 20 min of the movie and thought to go see IMDb just in case this is an old-time good movie that might just get better down the line, and surprise it wasn’t this just strengthen my argument to stop. then you ask why I completed the movie well its all thanks to the review this movie has on IMDb. which gave the movie 10 stars and called it

Best concept and best purification values by Kodali Nani anna

 khaleeluddin (IMDb reviewer)

85 movies down………..415 to go.

see you soon

veedkolu (telugu goodbye)

Maari 2 (2018)

around a year or two back i had watched a film the prequel to the one i m reviewing here called Maari a Tamil Action comedy masala film, which was more entertaining than i thought. packed with one-liners action sequences and cliques beats yet the whole film gets carried by the charisma of the lead Dhanush. the small local don who’s antics and fight against the cops was the basic premise.

all in all it was a good one-time watch movie that had no reason for sequel, and then i found this Maari 2, it has a sequel so might as well jump into it. it was a pleasant watch a similar one time watch like its predecessor yet, i will cut to the chase i didn’t like it.

even though the film wasn’t my taste, the Don look was really good imo.

the film had its moments but lacks the charm and charisma the 1st had though Dhanush does bring it up a watchable amount. this film also takes a much or heart-felt and emotional approach compared to the 1st one. and that is my main issue with the film this shift felt brought drastic changes to the character that was there initially and changed the tone of the film. whereas the 1st one was more light-hearted and funny, the second feels like imitating the comedy tone while being mediocre.

the film overall feels like a script that could work by itself but got pasted with the name Maari to increase the sale of tickets, which to me is the worst manner of sequel making as it disrespects the initial movie. my advice to the future viewers is not to watch this one especially you liked the !st part.

84 movies down……….416 to go

see you soon

Piriyavitai (Tamil goodbye)

Maayavan (2017)

another one of my YouTube random movie selection that was surprisingly good, the only reason I selected it was the thumbnail was interesting (yes, got click baited). A Tamil Sci-fi Crime movie that stars Sundeep Kishan as out protagonist Kumaran a police officer, who stumbles across a peculiar case where random murders by different individuals yet having the same modus operandi.

the movie is a rare sight in the Indian movie industry where Sci-fi is something that gets low exposure and even when given executed poorly, yet exceptions do exist and I am glad this one was such a case. the prime theme of the movie is the concept of immortality that is achieved due to the advancement of technology and science and how in the hand of wrong individuals it is a power that is scary.

the film does a good job mixing the sci-fi element into a crime thriller, and gets into the thick of it, from the start, keeping the tension high. The direction of the film is also focused and try to keep the viewer on the scene at hand and progresses the story.

my only issue with the film as a whole was its ending more precisely the small epilogue-ish scene, the fact that it cuts to the 20 years ahead, though it acted as a manner in which Kumaran escaped the cruel fate. To me it is just a hollow easy way out that was chosen by the writers if it wasn’t so the ending would have been the scene with Kumaran shooting The army officer and his love interest. that ending would have left a stronger impact as well as played better the internal theme of the movie about the rapid advancement of technology that is gonna help human achieve immortality.

83 movies down…………417 to go

see you soon

Piriyavitai (Tamil goodbye)

Dhammu (2012)

another one of the masala films, unfortunately not a good one.

the story is about a orphan (N.T. Rama Rao Jr.) that decides to get adopted by a Rich family so that he can marry his love interest (Trisha Krishnan) who herself is a rich heiress. the trouble comes when the adopted family has a serious and deadly rivalry with a equally powerful family of the region, thus being a heir of the family he has to take on the responsibility of this blood feud. as the story progresses we also get to know that the protagonist was all along the actual heir of the family who was sent to the city to safeguard him from the blood feud by the family.

just look at that intense expression

this film utilises a very common action film troupe through out its run time, high paced action sequences one after another and coupled with shock twist through out the story beats to create a film that is high on action but low on substance.

like most film of this sort the story is weak by nature, to me this was extenuated by the fact that the writers decided to make the protagonist the real heir of the family removing the initial orphan status he had, this bugs me because before this it felt our guy was a good person that gets incorporated into the family gaining their acceptance as well as admiration but now its so that he is the part since beginning, and thus it is mostly his bloodright to have them this part also is done so forced just to give a personal reasoning to the final boss fight.

the fact that i dont once mention or try to remember the main guy’s name should tell ya how much the movie meant to me.

82 movie down……..418 to go

see you soon

veedkolu (telugu goodbye)

Junga (2018)

Every once in a while its good to just watch a random no sense/non sense flick just to remove agiesty or tension to just shut down your brain. thus going through the random movie suggestion on YouTube i selected Junga. an outright genuine South-Indian Masala film mix matching nearly every genre into one film.

the story initial is about a Bus-conductor who gets to know he is a child of a 2nd generation don, who’s antics lead to family losing all the movie they had, thus to get back a theater that belongs to his mother, the protagonist Junga (Vijay Sethupathi) walks down the path of a Cheapskate Don to save enough money. from here on the movie escalates into kidnapping of the Daughter of the man who now owns the theater. from there further escalating further into involving international crime syndicates.

honestly loved his don look but alas it wasn’t a serious movie to utilize this

the main charm of the film initially was the semi meta nature and self aware humour which by no means is done perfect its still done better than many i have watched. and my favourite sequence was the flashback scene where Junga gets to know his ancestry and the type of eccentric Don father and Grandfather he had. the sequence is showcased using animation as well as the mother’s dialogues which to me just was funny as it broke down the stupidity of the generally shown South Indian don movie troupes of tooo many cars and members for one kill.

the looks comes of a comical Don troupe film for the first half having some good jokes and scenes but as the film extends to the second half there build up this palpable feeling that the film is loosing touch with itself and trying various beats to keep itself stable which backfires as the second half feels forced and compared to its initial half less interesting. the whole kidnapping plot thread felt generic and extended than required also during this time the meta-charm that was built up prior is forgotten. but the weakest point the movie is by far its ending that is so blindly forced that for me it felt out of place.

this movie is that is best watchable with 1/3rd of it being good while the rest 2/3rd is mere “meh” at best.

81 movie down……..419 to go

see you soon.

POITUVAREN (tamil goodbye)

Mukkabaaz (2017)

realism that is what this film tries to depict, the gritty nature and life of the normal Indian sportsperson in the sport scene who’s life gets controlled by the corrupt official.

what makes this movie interesting to me, juxtapose to Rocky series i recently viewed, in this film fight is just the medium to add a base to the story and we have reason to care for the results of the fight, till the last one. much like the Rocky 1. this film concentrates more the the character dynamics than sports using it just as a backdrop. In the story we follow the trials of a talented Boxer Shravan Kumar Singh (Viineet Kumar), working under the head of the boxing association Bhagwandas Mishra (Jimmy Sheirgill) who purposefully derails his training making him do odd house chores and doesn’t let partake in fights. this is the point where our protagonist falls in love with Mishra’s niece and marries her. Mishra not the type to let go starts scheme to torment the family and ruin Singh’s boxing career even escalates into Kidnapping.

though when i am writing the film’s plot it feels filmy, yet its the same type of issue that gets heard every now and then from the lower brackets of sports scene in the country, people in power tend to control the lives of talented individuals. even at the end of the film Singh loses the fight intentionally as Mishra asked so that the slate could be made clean. but as a viewer this moment you realise that to Singh by this point the fight didn’t matter what mattered what he loved his wife and thus he accepts to the terms.

the movie showcases a love for the sports as well as the people that inhabit that eco system directly and indirectly, thus balancing the drama and the sports aspect of its core.

80 movies down………..420 to go

see you soon


Andaz Apna Apna (1994)

i watch a lot of film reviews on the net, one of my past time activities, and one film that i kept hearing for being a good comedy movie from bollywood was Andaz Apna Apna, making me curious and thus i set out to explore the claim.

i was sceptical at first but after watching i am pleasantly surprised it was good. the initial scene itself sold me on the story, the whole premise of falling in love with and actress and marrying her all of it to be dream, not only helps tell us about the main character but also was a funny sequence.

a small pic to showcase the cast of colourful characters

the plot of this film is simply two stupid young lads (Aamir Khan and Salman Khan) trying to woo a rich heiress, and the ensuing trouble that brews when teja and Crime Master Gogo join the scene to kidnapp the Heiress.

i think the main charm of the film lies in its ridiculousness, now i generally dont like a ridiculous plot-lines they make good masala-films but this film knows its ridiculousness and accepts it. from the main cast, the villains to all supporting cast all have this sense of being serious in being ridiculous. not the first film to do so but definitely a good formula to please me. having the self-aware humor along with pop-culture references here and there makes this a type of comedy i dont usual think Bollywood makes and is another of its charm points.

after watching the film i can understand why so many count it among their favourite comedies, it might be even mine if i sat someday to make that list.

79 movies down………….421 to go

see you soon